Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Walking in This World: Discovering a Sense of Resiliency

For my weekly Walking in This World class on Tuesday night, I thought it would be fun to make Artist Trading Cards, or ATCs as they are known (ATCs are 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inch cards of original art.) For our little swap, we each made seven cards (I even played along, usually I don't join in for the evening's creative project, but I wanted to have something made by each of my ladies).

Here are their hands, beautiful hands, making art.

After making our seven cards each, we got to swap so that we each ended up with seven different little masterpieces of art!

Here's my personal set of traded ATCs!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Studio Fence Project: The Beginning

I moved into my studio last summer and have had plans to fix up the back yard ever since. Then winter settled in, so I decided I would wait until spring to begin the renovation. It isn't really spring, but we've had a run of beautiful, sunny, warm weather so I got the bug to at least begin what I've dubbed the Studio Fence Project. Howard gathered up a bunch of hanging supplies (chain, screws, nails, drill, metal strapping tape) and I gathered up my parents so my Dad could lend a hand. Last Sunday was the designated day and we began the process. I kept dragging more and more stuff out of my little storage shed, so much so, it became a joke if I disappeared. We had a great day, and Destree even popped over and helped for a bit. The fence isn't done (I haven't even put up the croquet balls!), but it's a beginning . . .

Here's the view from my backyard window:

Next up? Some bark dust, river rock, and a row of doors along the unseen chain link fence. I'm also planning a window pane paint party - wanna play? Whoa baby, this is fun!

Be Daring: Fanciful Dream Houses

I offered my always popular Fanciful Dream House class on Saturday afternoon at Stampin' Cat Studio. The class is one of my favorites and the eight ladies who spent the day with me were creative, fun, and inspiring. Here's some photos of them in the process of creating their houses.

And here are their beautiful finished houses (well, almost finished - a couple of the women planned to add some finishing touches at home).