Thursday, December 17, 2009

Walking in This World - The Artist's Way

I’m offering an exciting, new class beginning on January 5th and only two people have signed up. I wonder, is it me? Is it the economy? Is it the 10-week commitment? Perhaps a little of all three. The class is similar to the Artist’s Way that I have been offering for several years and those classes have often been filled. For my upcoming session I only have two people registered and the deadline to sign up is December 30th. I’ve been pretty proactive with advertising for this class, posting information on-line and fliers all over town at coffee shops, bookstores, and our local health food store.

My original Artist’s Way sessions were modeled after the class I took from my Artist’s Way mentor, Gretchin Lair, of Scarlet Star Studios in Portland. I drove to Portland from Salem (an hour each way) once a week for 12 weeks, I was so motivated and excited to take such a life-changing series of classes. It was what opened the door to my whole new life of making art and living creatively.

My (hopefully) upcoming series is based on Julia Cameron’s second book in her Artist’s Way trilogy, Walking in This World – The Practical Art of Creativity. I’ll be using the same formula I have used in the past: Sitting in a circle, stretching and breathing to gently warm-up and transition from the day into the evening, verbal check-ins with feedback and support, and finally, a creative project. In The Artist’s Way we have done such activities as mask-making, embellishing a soft cloth doll, playing with clay, Touch Drawing, and collage (12 weeks of varied creative activities). Those taking the upcoming series will be introduced to a brand new set of creative projects.

Also, for my upcoming series, I’ve shortened the commitment to ten weeks – 12 weeks was just a little too long. But then there is the commitment itself – during the week participants must read a chapter from the book, do half of the homework tasks, write Morning Pages daily (or at least try to write daily), go on an Artist’s Date (a weekly, solo outing to fill the creative well), and in this new series, take at least a weekly 20 minute walk. And then once a week attend a 2-1/2 hour class. It’s a lot to commit to!

About the walking component. Julia feels that walking holds our solutions. Julia also says about her regular walks: It is on these walks that my best ideas come to me. It is while walking that difficult clarity emerges. It is while walking that I experience a sense of well-being and connection, and it in walking that I live most prayerfully.

In preparation for a possible class, I’ve been reviewing the book. This is what will be covered in each chapter and will be the focus of our ten weeks together.

Discovering a Sense of:

Personal Territory

For me, I sure would like to get intimate with each of these topics and figure out how I can better incorporate them into my daily life. I’m hoping six other women would like to do the same.

If you want more information about this class, feel free to e-mail me at We will be meeting on Tuesday evenings at Alley Art Studio from 6:30-9:00 p.m. The cost is $240 and $50 by December 30th will hold your spot. The only thing you need to purchase is the book and a journal, I provide everything else.

And if you aren’t able to take the class, I highly recommend getting all three of the books in Julia’s Artist’s Way series – they are truly life changing.


gl. said...

i quite like this picture of your feet, dayna. it makes me feel grounded and lonely and warm and special all at once.

sorry to hear you're having trouble filling this, though. i know how hard it can be. i hope it works out!

Destree said...

Let's chat in person. I'm not trusting my snap decision. Sounds like I might need to take a walk.

Karen D said...

Oh how I wished I lived on the west coast.... Sending you holiday joy.

Cheryl said...

Happy Holidays, Dayna! I think all 3 reasons you posted contribute to difficulty filling the class. What a fabulous way to start the new year, though. I'm wondering if others have the same struggle I have--driving to Salem after work is a bit of a challenge, but not the biggest; driving back to Vancouver after a day of work and a 2 1/2 hour class is more than this body can handle. Also, I understand the reasons for paying for the full class up front, but in this economy,that's a big challenge. Wish I could join your class--it would be perfect for the lifestyle changes I'm making.

Dayna Collins said...

Thank you, ladifor your comments. Cheryl, I do like your idea of working out a payment plan because it is a lot of money up front, especially right after the holidsys!

shelby said...

I'm thrilled to be signed up for this, you have such a gift for nurturing the spirit and creativity that I know this will be well worth the commitment!

Bobbie said...

I have Geography of Oregon on Tuesday's or else I would be definitely be there....put me down for your next class and I'll build my schedule around it! And....I already have that HUGE book, so it was meant to be. AND....I'm signed up for two of your other one day classes...I'm so excited for those!!!!