Sunday, December 6, 2009

Recovering a Sense of Faith: The Artist's Way FINAL WEEK

A little over twelve weeks ago, a new Artist's Way Creative Cluster was formed. Based on the model I learned from my Artist's Way mentor, Gretchin Lair of Scarlet Star Studios, I have carried the tradition forward in Salem. I'm not sure how many groups I have facilitated, but over the past several years I have met and nurtured some amazing women. Final groups are always bittersweet, and last Tuesday night's group was no exception. In addition to our usual rituals, we shared a meal of Stone Soup with a loaf of Great Harvest bread.

Because we were making up a group, we met earlier than usual. After we shared our meal, the ladies got to spend some time making masks.

Our final event for the evening was sharing personal projects, what Gretchin has coined an Omega Project.

Thank you ladies, for sharing a bit of yourselves with each other for the past three months.

In case anyone who lives in the area of Salem is interested, I am offering a new class beginning in January, The Artist's Way: Walking in This World. This will be a ten-week class based on the second book in Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way trilogy. The format will be the same as my current Artist's Way series, but the weekly creative projects will be brand new! Let me know if you are interested . . .


gl. said...

i actually like the term "personal projects." it might make it a little less formal and intimidating.

Destree said...

Hmmmm....Omega just feels right to me, maybe I'm a traditionalist. ha