Thursday, December 17, 2009

Interim Monkey Shot: Orange Dream Monkeys

I have been dreaming of gathering a group of women together to meet once a month for some serious fun and artful playtime. What I have been coveting is spending more time in my visual journal, so I invited a group of women to become part of a group of women to do just that. We got together on Tuesday night to get the administrative stuff out of the way, things like who will set up and break down, do we want treats (of course!), who will be the time keeper, what will our theme be, and most importantly, a name for our merry band of renegade artists. All of the women in the group have taken some or all of my Visual Journaling classes, and/or have participated in a round robin altered book exchange that I've been in. And all of us have just a bit of a warped sensibility.

The group knows I'll be blogging about our shenanigans, and three of the ladies have their own blogs, so I'm sure they'll be blogging their little hearts out, too. When I whipped out my camera on Tuesday night, they all groaned, but consented to having their photo taken.

Who we are. Dawn K, Candace, Destree, Dawn S. and Shelby. Not present was Bobbie, who felt it necessary to fly off to Las Vegas for a little decadent fun. Sheez. Oh, and me, I'm in the group, but will usually be the one behind the camera. The above photo is of us deciding on a theme. We decided that for our theme each month we would keep three jars stocked with one-word ideas, the categories being: Color, Concept, Noun. Each month we'll pick a piece of paper from each of the jars and that will be our theme, allowing us to focus on the color, the concept, the noun, or all three. The name of our group was born out of our three-jar plan; we are the Orange Dream Monkeys, which also happens to be the theme for our first meeting in January.

So, strap on your seat belts and follow along as we begin creating the third Wednesday of every month. And if you want to know what happens between our meetings, become a fan of the Orange Dream Monkeys on Facebook!


Gerri said...

I did it backwards - I joined your Facebook group and THEN read your blog LOL. I am happy to join this fun group - I love the combo of sock monkeys & orange! Can't wait to here what goes on each week.

Destree said...

Very Very Interesting! I wonder what will become of this lovely little venture. Great idea

Bobbie said...

Brought my bit of warped sensibility with me back from Vegas - I'm giddy with excitement about this!!!!