Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Color Run: Alley Art Outlaws

On Saturday, I ran with a group of friends and family in The Color Run, a fun 5K  (more of a walk, skip dance than a run) that benefits a different charity in each city where it is held. Earlier in the month, my friend Bobbie helped me cobble together a ghetto stencil with our team name: ALLEY ART OUTLAWS.

As race day approached, Howard and I got checked in and picked up our registration packets and tee-shirts.

Then it was time to do some stenciling on the shirts.

We took public transportation to the race, and Bobbie caught a shot of us arriving.

Saturday was race day. Part of the team was made up of family: my husband, two daughters, and four of my grandkids.Don't we look fierce?

We picked up members of our team as we arrived and here's a shot with most of us together.

Enough chitter chatter. Here's how our day played out.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Painting: The Spirit of Drawing

My friend Steph and I recently returned from a four-day workshop at Sitka Center For Art and Ecology at the Oregon coast where we took a class from William Park, a talented Portland artist.

It begins.

We spent most of the first day playing with charcoal, black ink, and white paint.

Stephanie had fun tucked in her corner of the studio.

We finally got to add some color (and then beat it back).

During the process of creating a problem to solve, or some alarm to react to, I stumbled upon a new process that I'm pretty excited about. I'll continue my explorations with these textured grids when I'm back in my studio at home. It started with my creating a serene landscape, then my covering over it with black paint (It was a vicious attack on a helpless canvas, according to Stephanie who witnessed my brutality), finally, creating rows of grids using my palette knife. Of course, I was having so much fun, that I covered a piece of 22x30 paper and another canvas, even bigger than the first! The canvases were 24 x36 and 24 x 47, in case you were curious.

Along the way, Bill did lots of demos.

We held our critique on the third day rather than on the last day so if anyone wanted to use the feedback they got they could do so before the final hour.

A parting shot with Bill. .

It seems only fitting to have a photo with my dear friend Steph.

Post Scripts

# 1
Steph and I made it down to the beach one day after class.

After saying goodbye to Steph and watching her drive away, I attempted to do the same. However, our hybrid's electrical system decided to shut down and I ended up waving good bye to my car.

My husband came to the rescue. We headed into Lincoln City and got a comfy room right on the beach.

We shot some pool while we waited for our Humble Pie pizza to be ready.

Car was ready in the morning.