Sunday, May 19, 2013

Transition Time: Farewell Post

I wrote my first blog post on October 19, 2007, not knowing how long I would do it or where it would take me. Well, here is it almost six years later and I'm stilling blogging away. I've written 905 blog posts and shared thousands of photos. I recently revamped my website and now it is time to revamp my blog, so this is my final post on this site. I'll have links on my website and new blog to this old version, so nothing will be lost. I hope you'll hop on over to my new blog and continue to follow me in my art adventures.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Layers of Memory: Latest Class

Last weekend I taught another session of my Layers of Memory class at The Art Department in downtown Salem. This class has proven to be popular and I'm looking forward to offering it again in September. What do we do in this two-part workshop? We paint, plaster, sand, stain, plaster, sand, scritch, paint, scratch, sand, paint, and at the end of the day we wax. Throughout it all, we make a glorious and holy mess.