Monday, August 27, 2012

A Smathering of Friends

I've had heavy boots lately so today was a welcome bright spot in my life. I had four friends to the studio just to play. Sam, Keeley, and Susan all brought projects to work on while I did a demo on plaster painting with Bobbie. Bobbie created three finished pieces of art by the end of the day and I was able to prepare a whole stack of backgrounds for a new batch of Curious Elements. We started out in the backyard of the studio, but as soon as the sun was blazing down on us, we moved our operations inside.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

An Unconventional Journal

Every summer, we motor our boat, Rapture, to the Portland Waterfront for a month long stay. We arrive early to get a primo spot on the public dock so we'll have the perfect vantage point for the 4th of July Waterfront Blues Festival (and the fireworks on the Willamette right off our bow). For the past couple of years, I've kept an art journal of my days living downtown for the month. This year I decided to use some flash cards with corporate lingo on them. I bought the cards at Goodwill and they are a nice roomy 5x7. Before we left our moorage on the Columbia River, I sanded and gessoed the full deck so they would be ready to use when we arrived in downtown Portland.

Jump ahead to last week when I put the final touches on a few of the last pages (yes, I've been home for over a month). Here they are - all 45 pages. They tell the story of my daily doings in paint, texture, words, drawings, and collage.

I've photographed all of the individual pages, in case you want a closer and more detailed look.

If you've been a blog or Facebook follower, you'll know that while living at the waterfront, I had several art parties where I asked my friends and artists to create a small art card to add to my metal box of art pages. Here's a link to the post I did about their created art.