Sunday, July 15, 2012

Art Generosity: Little Art Cards

I have the best, most generous friends I ever could have hoped for. During the month of June and into July, we lived on board our boat, Rapture, at the Portland Waterfront. While I was there, I kept a daily journal on oversized, repurposed flash cards (more on this journal at a later date). As I was preparing the cards for art use, I hit upon the idea that it would be fun to prepare a smaller deck so that when my arty friends came to visit and for parties, they could create a card and leave it as a contribution for my art journal. Everyone jumped in with both feet, both hands, and sometimes with verbal exclamations of excitement! I prepared the cards (a deck of Old Bachelor playing cards) by sanding them and applying gesso -- some plain and some with added texture so they would be all ready in advance.

I had so many friends visit during the month, that's it's a bit of a whirlwind. I've sorted my photos and divided the card-making by groups. Sorta. Here's the first event: Portland artists (and one interloper from out of the country).

The next art group to board was the Portland Art Collective. You know they were excited about making art and eating good food!

My Salem Art Group came and played for an entire day! Art cards were just one of our many activities.

A lazy Saturday found Howard and Kim making art cards (while I fixed dinner).

The following Saturday we got together with our long time friends, Dave and Vicki, who enthusiastically created cards.

There may have even been a grandchild or two creating art cards . . . .

And finally, I'm home and had a chance to lay them all out and admire up close. Sigh. I love them all.


ZenziB said...

I love that you do this! A great way to involve others in the creative spirit and have fun. I might just have to steal this idea for our next open studio. Thanks for sharing!

back.roads said...

Dayna, you sure do know how to have fun!! This is an awesome idea, and a great way to make memories, both for you and the artists!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea...and a great way to spend a summer! Living on a boat in Portland...and making art cards! What fun!!

Alicia Munro said...

Oh my goodness!! I have a deck of cards from the same era, except its War! I am so stealing, I mean, borrowing this idea!!
Love you Dayna!!!

Ophelia said...

I love this idea!!! How creative. Everyone looks so happy creating them. Oh, what a fantastic idea.