Sunday, July 15, 2012

Post Card Swap

The Portland Art Collective holds an annual picnic and art swap. For this year's art swap, we decided to alter post cards -- any post card, just traditional in size and no attached embellishments (a challenge for many of our assemblage artists) so that if someone wanted to mail the post card, they could do so. Last Thursday we gathered at Sellwood Park in Portland to enjoy a potluck and exchange our art cards. I started working on my post cards in May, when our group held their spring art retreat at Menucha. I finished the cards while living aboard Rapture in June.

Each of my cards was stamped with an individual word, so it was fun for everyone to choose a card either based on the collaged image or the word -- maybe a bit of both in some cases.

I used repurposed post cards I had at the studio, either expired show cards, vintage cards people have given me, or old ones I've picked up in my travels. These are the backs.

We held our swap last Thursday. The women used paint, collage, photographs, and fabric!  They are all fabulous.

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Kelly Z. said...

Your post cards are awesome! I wouldn't know which one to choose! Really cool!