Friday, August 3, 2012

Layers of Memory: The Back Story

My solo show opens tonight at Lunaria Gallery. I've titled the show, Layers of Memory, for several reasons. One is because I love using multiple layers of materials: paint, plaster, more paint, cold wax -- and sometimes found objects. The process of painting, covering, repainting, adding plaster, sanding back, scritching in, and then maybe doing it all over again is rich with history and meaning. I often write on the plaster, then cover it with layers of paint. One of the walls in the show is a grid of twelve 8x8 pieces, which I've titled The Wall of Redemption. I went through a challenging two year situation and I was able to use this series as a way to process the negative and honor coming out on the other side. More of this story is on display at the gallery. I thought it would be interesting to share a range of photos from the past few months as I created these twelve pieces. I worked on them in Portland, in my studio, at the beach, and most recently at Camp Sherman on an art retreat. Here's a portion of that journey.

Work on my Curious Elements continued throughout the past few months.

Final work included creating inventory sheets, signing, and tagging all 73 pieces of art!

On Tuesday I loaded the car, headed to Silverton, and climbed the stairs to my space for the month of August.

I had two wonderful artists from Lunaria help me hang the show!

And a teeny weeny sneak peak of the entire show. After tonight, I'll share more photos of the art, but I don't want to give too much away - I want you to come see for yourself!

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Bobbie said...

Oh my!!!! I wonder how many steps there are from idea to hanging them up!! Fantastic pieces!!!