Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Color Run: Alley Art Outlaws

On Saturday, I ran with a group of friends and family in The Color Run, a fun 5K  (more of a walk, skip dance than a run) that benefits a different charity in each city where it is held. Earlier in the month, my friend Bobbie helped me cobble together a ghetto stencil with our team name: ALLEY ART OUTLAWS.

As race day approached, Howard and I got checked in and picked up our registration packets and tee-shirts.

Then it was time to do some stenciling on the shirts.

We took public transportation to the race, and Bobbie caught a shot of us arriving.

Saturday was race day. Part of the team was made up of family: my husband, two daughters, and four of my grandkids.Don't we look fierce?

We picked up members of our team as we arrived and here's a shot with most of us together.

Enough chitter chatter. Here's how our day played out.

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Tory Brokenshire said...

Oh your wonderful family and crazy you. Just think if they didn't have you they would normal boring lives.