Friday, September 14, 2012

Alley Art Studio: The Beginning

My art trajectory actually began with a single bowling pin. I was taking a 12-week Artist's Way Creative Cluster with Gretchin Lair through Scarlet Star Studios in 2005 (It's where I got my start in offering my own version of Artist's Way Creative Clusters). Gretchin had all of us do a final art project, our Omega Project, and I chose to collage on a bowling pin; I honestly don't know where I got that particular random idea. I had gone to New York during the 12-week session, so I tore up my subway map as the base, then added an iconic yellow cab. That simple project got my mind spinning (well, so did the 12 weeks of studying the Artist's Way under Gretchin's brilliant tutelage) and I decided I would make bowling pins to sell. My husband was bowling at the time and I asked him to get me some pins. He brought home about 20 boxes of ten pins per box. That's a lot of pins!I started creating bowling pin art -- every subject matter I could think of - gardening, poker, diva, well, you get the idea because the possibilities are endless. I did commissioned work where I created pins based on people's hobbies and interests. I sold them at the Salem Saturday Market, got juried into the Silverton Fine Arts Festival, and did a couple of holiday shows. We were living on an alley at the time I started my business, Alley Art Studio, then eventually I got my own little studio, which also happens to be on an alley. My art evolved and I moved away from creating bowling pin art. Over the last few years I've sold some from my inventory and given some away, ending up with a few remaining boxes. With the Visual Artist Studio Tour this weekend (I'm on the tour), I thought it was time to dig out the pins and sell them - cheap. These are some of the embellished pins I have left; I also have several that have handmade paper on them, but no embellishments - waiting for YOU to add your personal touch).

I've kept just two pins. The New York one above and one other than still makes me smile: Chi Chi.

My husband has also kept one that is in his office.


gl. said...

aw, dayna! i love retrospectives, and i remember those bowling pins fondly. you're such a wondrous blur of progress and creativity. hope the VAST was fun!

Kelly Z.. said...

I loved this story...thanks to you I am on Week 2 of The Artist's Way, however, I unfortunately am not lucky enough to have any form of Creative Clustering around me, so alas, I am solo, but loving it so far!

Thank you again for your inspiration and lovely work! You are divine Dayna, divine! (you know if I was there i'd give you and Tory a BIG hug...or two...or ten! it's just how i fly!)