Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Freeda Gets a Name and a Friend!

Earlier this month I posted about a doll that I had started when Destree and I had a play date. I finished the doll later, but never got around to naming her. Destree also finished her doll and came over last night so our two dollies could be reunited.

Both dolls were still unnamed until last night when I had a group of ladies over to the studio (more on that soon), and Destree and I asked the ladies to suggest names for our girls. All six of us wrote a suggestion on a scrap of paper for each of the dollies.

My list of suggestions included the following:

After careful consideration, I introduce to you . . . .

Fancy Smancy Nancy Sinatra

And Little Miss Bad Self Freeda!


La Dolce Vita said...

adorable Dayna, they are just adorable!

Destree said...

Truly a fun project...and a great way to get over the garbage heap! (so to speak)