Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Goodall the Way Around

It appears the Goodall family is a talented bunch. Back in August while I was in Omaha helping my son, Scott, get settled into his new home, I stumbled upon a law office that was filled with metal sculptures and assemblages that Mark designed and built. To see some of his whimsical creations, just click here for a link to my original post. Since our initial meeting in August, we've kept in touch. When Mark found out we were coming to Omaha to visit Scott, he asked if our dance card had room for us getting together with him for a meal. Of course we did! We decided to meet at his office on Monday. Welllllll, it just so happens that Mark's sister, Teresa Goodall, is a talented and successful jewelry designer and Mark was hosting a trunk show of her jewelry in the basement (where his workshop is located) of his law office. Mark invited us to shop before we went to lunch.

It isn't often that I become verklempt, but when I walked down those wide stairs and entered the basement showroom, I was unable to speak for just a little while (Howard can attest to this).

Teresa's jewelry is beautiful, colorful, whimsical, and just a tad funky. Can you guess why I liked it so much? Mark invited me to select a piece of jewelry as a gift from him . . . and then was gracious enough to listen to me yelp, mew, sigh, and chortle as I went from necklace to necklace (the prices were really good, especially since Teresa sells primarily to little boutiques and stores in Chicago and New York).

We finally went to lunch and I made my final selections when we returned (I did buy a few gifts, too). This is one of my favorites (it is now MINE):

Here is Mark and Howard tallying up my booty (Howard kinda looks like a gangsta figuring out the books).

As we left Mark's office, I snapped a few more photos of Mark's front window. I just couldn't resist.

And since it is the holidays, Mark had a couple of nods to the season:

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Destree said...

Quick scanning this post, and the phrase "up my booty" jumped out at me! Of course I had to look, but it said "tally up my booty" I still had to laugh at what my eyes wanted to see...silly.