Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good Firm

While on our recent road trip to move our son to Omaha, Nebraska, I discovered a pretty amazing law office in a very cool neighborhood smack dab in the middle of Omaha. Law office? you ask. Yes, the law office of Mark Goodall. Mark is also an artist and he has decked out his office with his creations. Here is the front of his building and the windows that drew our attention:

Those windows got us curious enough to venture inside (and we weren't lookin' for legal advice!).

We all got to talking with Mark and when he learned that I was an artist, no, it was when he learned that I liked creepy dolls, that he invited us into his basement, his inner sanctum. Oh my. I think I even hyperventillated a little.

Before we left, Mark posed with his office cat and with me.

If you're wanting more, click here for a selection of movie clips made by Mark.


Deldino said...

some very unusual and interesting art pieces by Mark

Bobbie said...

What happened to the REAL receptionist?

Destree said...

Okay, seriously, there has to be a formal diagnosis for this kind of disorder. CDS? (Creepy Doll Syndrome)...I'm researching it now!