Monday, August 10, 2009

No. 16

Right before we left on our extended road trip (which I'm still on), I spent several days with my oldest daughter, Melissa, and two of my grandkids, Luke and Gabriella. I took the train to Tacoma, where my daughter greeted me and then whisked me away to the Salvation Army's thrift store, which has the fabulous Yard located at the back of the store. While at the Yard, we met up with Melissa's friend Dana and her two kiddos. After a satisfying round of shopping for thrift store treasures, we headed to Dana's house for an afternoon of swimming and playing. But the story doesn't end there. Dana's house is amazing! It is a very contemporary and modern design - and was built in 1957! It must have caused quite a stir in the 1950s. Dana and her husband Josh are in the process of hiring an architect with plans to refurbish the whole house in the near future - but I loved it the way it is right now!

Besides having a cool house, Dana is an artist and her house is filled with pieces of art she has been collecting. She consented to my sharing some glimpses of her art and house on my blog, so here 'tis. Let's begin with the front of the house and the view across the street.

And here is a peek into her house:

Some of the delicious art hanging in Dana's house. The artist's represented here include Robert Mars, Victoria Haven, Terry Turrell, Michael Schaeffer.

How I spent my afternoon:

The kiddos after swimming the afternoon away:

Larry, the gnome, wishes us safe travels home.

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Bobbie said...

I actually have a picture of me in front of Randy's Doughnuts out of LAX last year....great corner!!!!