Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome Friends!

I had two friends visit me at my new studio last Wednesday - and they both brought me goodies! Dawn brought me two babies to add to my menagerie of sorta creepy dolls. I love them! (At first I thought they were a little too cute, then I saw the rolled up eyes and the leather armatures for knees and realized, no they fit right in.)

My other visitor was Susan, the whirlwind behind a budding business: Perfect Pairings for Conscious Singles. Susan just returned from spending two weeks in St. Thomas (the tropical island paradise) and brought me some found seed pods. My friends really know what I like. Stay tuned for more on Susan. For one thing, we're planning to collaborate on a class she is launching and for another, it looks like she'll be using Alley Art Studio as the location to teach her classes. Pretty exciting time for both of us.


La Dolce Vita said...

fabulously creepy dolls! loves em!

Destree said...

Ewww....I'm going to start having nightmares about the dolls coming to life and kidnapping me. STOP IT!!! ha ha