Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Take it easy! You may be in for a BIG surprise.

Last Sunday, we met up with Sam of Lil' Gypsy and her sweetie, Stewart, at one of our favorite Salem breakfast dives, er, I mean restaurants, Off Center Cafe. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know that Sam collects goodies and treasures that she can't use or sell at her fabulous vintage shop, puts them in a bag, and gives me a call or sends me a message, usually something like: I have a bag of crappola for you . . . this time, she said she had the moterlode of crappola. Was she ever right. Here we are at the restaurant waiting for our food while I peek inside my goodie bag.

Later in the week, at my studio, I unpacked and snapped a few photos. Ahhhhh . . . the best Christmas gift ever.

Well, maybe not the best Christmas gift ever, but a mighty fine one, I must admit. Now if I can only figure out what to do with one glove, one baby shoe, and one false eyelash, I'll be on my way!

1 comment:

Destree said...

Hmmmm, a single false eyelash....the possibility!

BTW, how is Off Center? I just realized where it is...yummy?