Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Playtime in Salem

Yesterday a group of women, all members of the Portland Art Collective, made the drive to Salem to join Tory and me for a grand Artist's Date, Salem style. The women included (from left to right): Tory, Robin, Lorraine, Paula, Jill, me, and Stephanie. We met up at Mary Lou Zeek's Gallery to take in the 100 Artists Show.

After hanging out at Mary Lou's, we headed across the street to Wild Pear for lunch. A certain someone (no names) is a big fan of their sweet potato fries; I must admit, they are mighty tasty!

After lunch we played in downtown Salem, then went to my studio for a quick tour. It was a great afternoon.

And look what my dear, sweet husband surprised me with yesterday? The book that Mary Lou put together for the show! A book, I tell ya.

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Anonymous said...

We look like the all dressed in black mafia from portland, and there you are all bright and orange. It's aleays a fun show at Zeek, good job.