Monday, February 8, 2010

Dreams Really Do Come True . . . .

Last fall I was invited by my friend Stephanie to attend the fall retreat of the Portland Art Collective. It was great fun and I loved the whole concept of a group of women coming together to support, encourage, offer feedback, and share fellowship all around the common theme of art. Here is what the Collective says about who they are:

We are a local group of artists with all levels of expertise who are interested in gathering together to share ideas, tips, techniques, gallery shows, swaps and artwork. . . .

I blogged about the retreat last October and wasn't shy about admitting I would love to one day become a member of the Collective. I mean, who wouldn't want to hang out with a bunch of women like this (and by the way, the ringleader here, Tory, she is my sponsor in PAC for the upcoming year!):

My wish came true. Through a series of events, including a round of nominations, I am now officially a member of the Portland Art Collective. This Thursday is my first meeting, an all morning affair and concluding with a group lunch. I still am a little bit in shock! This is me at the October retreat wearing my mighty wish tiara.

The next retreat is for members only and I'm planning to attend. I can't wait to walk the Labyrinth again, this time as an official PAC member. Pinch me.

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