Thursday, February 4, 2010

100 Artists Show Opens!

The 100 Artists show opened last night at Mary Lou Zeek's Gallery! I have a piece in the show, my first time participating. If you want the back story on the piece I created, Pieces of Memory, just give a click HERE. The gallery was abuzz last night as the opening coincided with Salem's First Wednesday.

Here's the list of participating artists - I'm there about a third of the way down . . .

. . . here's a better shot, although a bit crooked!

And there's my piece, at the bottom of the row next to the list of artists.

I met up with my friend Tory of Copper Crow Studio, who also has a piece in the show and which SOLD on opening day! Way to go, Tory! (Side note: I bought Tory's piece from last year's show before I even knew who she was - and now here we are, friends!)

And with our host, Mary Lou Zeek herself!

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lynda Howells said...

love your tin. My husband saw your picture and said, 'oh no..another you..god help us all!!! I used to have the same colour hair and hairstyyle a while ago. He really supports me , bless him but l am not always sure he understands the Artist in me, Ha. What do you expect from an ex Army Officer and now retired Banker!!Most people never understand how we have ever got together, let alone 37 yrs! Anyway..hope your show goes well..wish l was there to see all looks amazingx