Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pieces of Memory

Mary Lou Zeek Gallery. 100 Artists Show. Nourish and Sustain. I'm in. A dream come true.

Here is the official press release that Mary Lou provided for the event:

“Nourish & Sustain” - 100 Artists Show

Show Date: Tuesday, February 2nd – Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Opening reception: First Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 5-7pm.

SALEM, ORE — For the 7th consecutive year, during the month of February, the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery will be presenting their annual 100 Artists Show. Benefiting the Marion-Polk Food Share, the theme of this year’s show is “Nourish & Sustain” and appropriately, the 100 participating artists were each sent a large empty food can through the mail and were asked to use this as their starting point for their piece of art. Each can was sent “as is”, and was not packaged or boxed, but rather processed directly by the postal service firsthand. The stamps and addresses on the cans remain a part of the artwork for identification and for evidence of the actual mailing. Each artist, starting with the exact same object, has had over three months to transform, build, infuse, reduce, paint or reinvent the can into their own unique work of art.
The exhibit will open on Tuesday, February 2nd at 10:00 am pacific time. The public will be invited to bid on their favorite artwork via a silent auction that will run through Friday, February 26th at 5:30 pm pacific time. Beginning bids are $50.00 with minimum increments of $5.00 and a maximum purchase price of $300. The entire show will be posted online at Bids can be made in person at the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery or by calling 503-581-3229.

From the moment I received my can back in October, I knew what I wanted to do and for the past couple of months, I've had my can and the pieces sitting on my workbench at my studio.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, it was time to get busy and create the piece. It became a bit of an emotional task as I thought about the theme of Nourish and Sustain and the idea of children going hungry. Pieces of Memory illustrates the idea of a child just trying to hold it together, putting on a brave front in spite of not having warm clothing or enough food . . . .

After I had painted on the canvas, I asked Howard to help me with the assembly. We headed to the basement (Howard was dressed for work!) and Howard began the drilling, with me directing.

Pieces of Memory complete.

And ready for delivery.

Here is a list of the participating artists:

Ruth Armitage – Tualatin, OR

Toby-Atticus Fraley – Washington PA

Rachel Ann Austin – Portland, OR

Marcy Baker – Portland, OR

Holly Ballard-Martz – Bremerton, WA

Laura Berman – Philomath, OR

Christopher Bibby – Portland, OR

Paula Booth – Salem, OR

Tory Brokenshire – Salem, OR

Jessica Burke – Salem, OR

Jan Carson – Ft. Collins, CO

Circa Ceramics – Chicago, IL

Mark Clarke – Eugene, OR

Margaret Coe – Eugene, OR

Dayna Collins – Salem, OR

Valaree Cox – Issaquah, WA

Patrick Collier – Stayton, OR

Karen Croner – Westlake Village, CA

Jon Jay Cruson – Eugene, OR

Diane Culhane – Seattle, WA

Doug Dacar – Salem, OR

Monika Dalkin – Seattle, WA

Katherine Dunn – Yamhill, OR

Mary Lou Epperson – Beaverton, OR

Heidi Erickson – Lincoln City, OR

Mark Flowers – Mercersberg, PA

Elizabeth Frank – Tucson, AZ

Ann Furr – Salem, OR

Kate Gallegos – Aurora, IL

Liz Gamberg – Seattle, WA

Carolyn Garcia – Portland, OR

Jan Gassner – Salem, OR

Ben and Kate Gatski – Bloomsburg, PA

MiKayla Gattuccio – Salem, OR

Christopher Gauthier – Logan, UT

Chris Giffin – Jefferson, OR

Antonio Greco – Vernazza, Italy

John and Robin Gumaelius – Cosmopolis, WA

Laurie Hall – Portland, OR

Kim Hamblin – Sheridan, OR

Kathy Haydon – Oregon City, OR

Jani Holberg – Eugene, OR

Kelly Howard – Lincoln City, OR

Jackie Hoyt – Portland, OR

Bonnie Hull – Salem, OR

Pamela Huntington – Canton, CT

Kelly James – Salem, OR

Jamie Johnson – Salt Lake City, UT

Lisa Kaser – Portland, OR

John Kime – Independence, OR

Tamara Kime – Independence, OR

James Kirk – Monmouth, OR

Jessica Kreutter – Knoxville, TN

Kristin Kuhns – Salem, OR

Ann Lahr – Corvallis, OR

Darcy Leighty – Salem, OR

Jeanne Levesseur – Portland, OR

Joni Lewis-Ulman – Fredricksburg, VA

Shari Lord – Silverton, OR

Melissa Lowry – Portland, OR

Tracy MacEwan – Lincoln City, OR

Laura Mack – Salem, OR

Jill Mayberg – Vancouver, WA

Megan McCamy – Portland, OR

Nicole McConville – Ashville, NC

Sue-Del McCulloch – Salem, OR

Lori McLaughlin – Salem, OR

Jenny Mendes – Chesterland, OH

Annie Meyer – Portland, OR

Phebe Miller – Hillsboro, OR

Betsy Milligan – Portland, OR

Jami Moffett – Salem, OR

Betsy Moore – Medford, OR

Kim Murton – Edmonds, WA

Alison O’Donoghue – Portland, OR

Felix Oliveros – Independence, OR

Arunas Oslaspas – Bellingham, WA

Beth Palmer – Raleigh, NC

Hilary Pfeifer – Portland, OR

Nyla Pilon – St. Helens, OR

Mark Poulin – Oakland, CA

Jodie Raborn – Salem, OR

Hope Raszka – Salem, OR

Shannon Richardson – Portland, OR

Kim Robertson – Easton, PA

Thomas Rude – Portland, OR

Grace Sanchez – Aloha, OR

Amanda Sargent – Seattle, WA

Robert Schlegel – Banks, OR

Bonnie Schulte – Salem, OR

Ben Silverman – Salem, OR

William Skrips – Blairstown, NJ

Bev Soasey – Eugene, OR

Carla Sonheim – Salida, CO

Jacob Sorenson – Richmond, VA

Kate Speckman – Salem, OR

Alison Strine – Roswell, GA

Emily Stuart – Salem, OR

Jill Torberson – Portland, OR

Jud Turner – Eugene, OR

Jo Warren – Eugene, OR

Marjorie Weiss – New York, NY

Linda Welch – Lake Oswego, OR

Sandra Whiting – Clinton, WA

Betsy Wolfston – Eugene, OR

Jen Worden – Nova Scotia, Canada

Jane Wynn – Parkville, MD

Alan and Mary Lou Zeek – Salem, OR


Destree said...

Dayna, your vision came through! Love looks amazing on the wall. Glad you made it over that hurdle....

lynda Howells said...

love your can art.I too use cans to make art with among other things. Well done. Can'tm wait to see others work. how do you get invoved in projects like this?l am in london in Uk.x lynda

gl. said...

bravo, dayna!

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

This is wonderful and so creative! Neat to be involved in such a project. I live up the coast from you and see you're participating in the "creative every day"..Cool!

Tory Brokenshire said...

Very cool Dayna!! I love her canvas jacket and how good she looks in her little travel box. Can’t wait to see the entire show.