Sunday, January 24, 2010

Inner Dreams: A Glimpse Into Making a Visual Journal

I offered a journal-making class on Saturday at Stampin' Cat Studio in Salem. I love how a pile of paper can become a beautiful, personalized work of art! Come along for a glimpse into my Saturday.

I learned this journal-making technique a few years ago from Diane Havnen-Smith in Portland. I've offered this class several times since then, but we always seem to run short on time, so this time around, I extended the class by an hour and gave us all a 30-minute lunch break. It did the trick: everyone returned from lunch refreshed and ready to do the tedious task of binding (aka sewing) with better concentration and energy. Here is a brief glimpse into how a journal is created. It was a magical time of creation and transformation.

The completed journals - breathtaking!

As I often do, I like to include some of the comments I receive from the participants (like I would share the negative comments!) . . .

Taking your classes is always a pleasure. I love the way my journal came out! Your instructions were clear and concise and made a complicated process easy to follow and understand -- even for someone with a tendency to be directionally challenged!

Perfectly timed, well explained, and thought out. One of my favorite masterpieces to date. I am so very happy.

Oh Dayna, My Dayna. Another fun day - I love your classes! You are the best.

Great class. Lots of patience and lots of help. Nice way of keeping some busy and not making others feel bad for not keeping up!

The whole class was wonderful. I liked the pacing - very comfortable. You were always there to help and coach. Your instructions were clear. You made the class fun and informative. . . . I'm looking forward to making another journal!

So there you have it - another successful class!


Nena's Art & Designs said...

That looks like fun!

lynda Howells said...

Really looks an interesting class..wish l had been there!xlynda

Bobbie said...

I LOVED this class!! and look at the title of your entry here and the name of my journal...hmmmm?!!! Again, thanks for a wonderfully spent are just the best!!!!