Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Walking in This World: Discovering a Sense of Perspective

Last night was week three of my Walking in This World 10-week session. As I have mentioned previously, I'm also having the ladies do activities out of Keri Smith's How To Be An Explorer of the World and for last week they were assigned Exploration #46, to look for found patterns and if they wanted to, to do some rubbings of textural items they found on their walks. Several of the women had done simple crayon rubbings, and one of the women attached her rubbings into her Artist's Way journal.

Our creative project for last night was to design and make a personal set of Muse Cubes. I heard about Muse Cubes sometime last year and went online and bought a set. I used them during my last Artist's Way session and they were great fun. Basically, one cube has words related to noises and sounds you can make and the other cube has action verbs, i.e., shake, bend, and dance. You roll the dice and do as instructed. You might be howling and bending, or laughing and shaking. You get the idea. If you're interested, you can read more about them and order them by clicking HERE.

The Muse Cubes I had purchased were little one-inch blocks. I offered the ladies the choice of using the little one-inchers, or a larger two-inch size; all but one woman chose the larger of the two sizes I offered. I used the words on the Muse Cubes I had purchased . . . and I added a few new words as well.

Here are their finished blocks!

The blocks are a perfect companion to living a creative life!


Gretchen Wegner said...

Dayna --

I just read your blog post, and I admit to a few tears. How beautiful to see a tool I invented be recreated so beautifully by reative women!! Wow.

I love that you gave them a choice to make bigger ones -- I've had several requests for larger cubes, so it's nice to see that your workshop participants desired them too.

Woohoooo for the ripple effects of creativity!!

lynda Howells said...

I am doing this "book" by myself and enjoying every minute of it. How great you are doing it in a group. I am very jealous! I love your blog and am a follower! I work as an Art Counsellor, Artist, Art Coach and Photographer. I have a craft blog, 2 photography blogs and a counselling blog and web quite busy!Hax

Dayna Collins said...

Gretchen, it means so much to read your comment! Thank you for creating such a delightful tool - I've had such fun using my Muse Cubes in my various groups (including a class I taught all day today). It sure got us moving and giggling!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dayna, I enjoyed your posting. Interesting how engrossing simple ideas can be! Wonderful blog!