Wednesday, January 27, 2010

*8 Things Times 3 = 24 Things

Man, I have had such good intentions to post *8 Things every Thursday. But it has been three weeks since I last (and first) posted my initial *8 Things (and tomorrow is Thursday, which means week four!). So although *8 Things is intended to be posted every Thursday, maybe I should call mine *8 Things Every Now and Then.

So here goes with the down and dirty version . . . . three weeks ago Magpie Girl asked everyone to post *8 Things: To Stop Doing in 2010. Here's my eight:

1. Eating Peanut M&Ms
2. Procrastinating working out
3. Worrying about what other people think about me
4. Trying to keep my car clean
5. Eating in bed late at night, well, past 8 pm, anyway
6. Drinking lattes (too damn much sugar in them!)
7. Getting sidetracked from making art
8. Avoiding my visual journal

Two weeks ago Magpie Girl asked us to list *8 Things: Artists Who Inspire.

1. Judy Wise
2. Katie Kendrick
3. Destree Rudolph
4. Serena Barton
5. Shelby Koning
6. The Portland Art Collective (a whole group of talented artists!)
7. Tory Brokenshire of Copper Crow Studios
8. Mary Lou Zeek (and her awesome gallery and where I'll have a piece hanging in February - oh, did I say that out loud?)

And finally, last week we were to list *8 Things: Highly Handy Websites:

1. Amazon (I use this alot for research, not just ordering books!)
2. ArtChix (I love their collage sheets)
3. Brainy Quotes
4. Netflix
5. Howard Collins, Attorney at Law (okay, a shameless plug for my husband, but the website could come in handy if you live in the Pacific NW! )
6. Art Media
7. Lil' Gypsy (for all of your costume and vintage clothing needs)
8. Alley Art Studio (for when you're in need of taking a class!)

Whew. Now I am a little more in compliance! This was much harder than I thought it would be, but maybe if I only had eight to do at a time it wouldn't be such a daunting task!


lynda Howells said...

l love your listsx I agree quite a daunting task. Also thanks for dropping by my photo blog.xlynda

Destree said...

I love the sentence "Now I am a little more in compliance!" I love your lists...and thank you for considering me an inspiration. Wonder what we will inspire each other to make next???