Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Comes to a Close

Yesterday I finally made it back into my studio, a place I had not visited for a couple of weeks (other than to drop things off on occasion) due to the holidays and family gatherings. It felt good to be back. I spent the first hour tidying up and putting things away, then after putting on some music (Black Eyed Peas and later Billy Joel) and making a cup of tea, I dove into three projects simultaneously. I won't give away too much right now because I'll be blogging about each of these projects individually in the upcoming weeks, but I first worked on a piece for a group show, Four Fabulous Females, then I did some preparation on a piece for Mary Lou Zeek's 100 Artists Show, and finally, I prepped a few blocks for a swap being hosted by Susie LaFond through the group: In This House and Garden. Hopefully all of this will be enough to just whet your appetite . . .

And finally, I just want to share some very cool pencils I bought recently and played with for the first time yesterday, Derwent Inktense Pencils. You can color with them then apply a little water and the colors just melt together.