Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Visible Woman

My friend Jami, of Off the Hook Studios, has been in the process of downsizing her art stuff. She has been in this process for a while now, but this was the final push. Last February she delivered several boxes of stuff to me (here's a link to that goodness), and then last April, she gave me first dibs on her first art garage sale (here's a link to that goodness). Well, Jami has moved and she had several boxes of stuff that she couldn't fit into her new space. Guess who got an e-mail to have the first go round? Yep, I was the lucky one. So on Monday morning, I tootled on over to Jami's house and this is what I got to sort through:

Here are a few close-ups of my treasures in their new home:

After my shopping spree in Jami's garage, we both came back to my studio to splash around a little paint! Here's Jami preparing for a new show in February:

What a fun day! Thanks, Jami.


Destree said...

Oh Oh!!! How much do you think Jami would want for that headless torso? When is her fab garage sale????

peshe said...

love the book
"craft projects for slower learners"

wish there had been such when i was a kid....