Sunday, April 19, 2009

Red Letter Day

Jami. Moffett. Off the Hook Studios. Jami has been cleaning out her art stupplies (meaning glorious ephemera and bits and bobs) that she has been collecting for years. She's trimming down and cleaning out, she says. She had too much. She allowed me, ME, to have first dibs before she listed her things on Craig's List. I went to her home last Friday. I'm still sorting and shuffling (I have two boxes of ephemera that Jami gave me as a gift and I haven't even touched those!). But what I bought. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I've purchased from Jami before, back in February. If you want to see what I scored back then, just click HERE. Back to last Friday. I was so excited, I almost hyperventillated just driving to her house. I wanted to take a photo of the ATM where I picked up some cash, but I thought maybe there's a law against photographing a bank . . . so I took a picture of me driving to Jami's.

Then when I arrived, Jami guided me to the room where boxes and boxes awaited my review.

Fast forward. I've begun the process of sorting (and snapping photos). When I did my first dive into the boxes, I discovered a wacky pair of glasses. Amy, who was at the house on Friday afternoon, tried them on. And so did I.

Yes, I'm clutching my goodies. Wouldn't you?

What else was in the boxes? A LOT!

Oh dear. I think I need a bigger house.


Bobbie said...

OMGGGGG!!! Post O's!!!! Great stuff ~ and I expect a call when you decide to downsize!!

Destree said...

Holy Naked Babies, you got some good stuff!!!

peshe said...

so you won't need to go shopping for how long???

gl. said...

do you know how much i love those letters and words? DO YOU? i think i'm going to swoon just thinking about them. but that magnifying glass/astrolabe-looking thing is pretty neat, too.

Dayna Collins said...

Gretchin, what word would you like to have? I'll get it in the mail to you next week . . .