Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Only One More Day!

Only one day until Artfest begins . . . we're staying in Port Townsend at the nifty 1885 Belmont Hotel, located upstairs in one of the grand old buildings right downtown, with a room that overlooks Puget Sound.

Port Townsend has quickly become one of my favorite places EVER! It is quaint, cute, filled with art and culture, the people are friendly, and it is just a wee bit wacky.

We have had amazingly good food; tonight we ate at an Asian Bistro.

I met up with my friend, Laura, and we headed out to Fort Worden together to get registered. (One of the Artfest participants had brought a bunch of stuff to give away and just left her car unlocked with a couple of signs inviting people to take whatever they wanted! Here's Laura taking a peek.)

Tomorrow it all begins!

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