Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh! My! Gosh!

I had such a great first day at Artfest! My class, A Face in the Crowd, was led by Lynne Perrella, and was great fun. Here's my little (well, it's actually quite BIG) tool box and my photographs all ready for some action.

We started the day with a multi-leveled warm-up exercise, which involved cutting and tearing shapes out of black construction paper.

Then the real fun began! We started with a special kind of paper provided by Lynne, to which we added texture and marks to layers of sweet gesso. After the gesso dried, we added paint paint glorious paint. After paint came our photographs (with some very nifty tricks), then more paint, and a bit of water soluble oil pastels. It was a marvelous mess! I didn't complete mine, but I got far enough along for Lynne to demonstrate a simple book-making technique using my piece of painted and arted up paper. Here's the entire process in photos . . .

And here I am with the talented artist herself, Lynne.

I contemplated staying in and coloring and playing with my new book, but Howard picked me up from class and we did some strolling downtown, even walked to the marina at the end of town. The Fountain Cafe had been recommended as a good place to eat, so the Fountain it was for dinner. The atmosphere was cozy, the food divine!

After dinner, we climbed the famous Fountain steps to get to Uptown PT, where we walked to the neighborhood movie house and saw Duplicity with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen (a fun little romp of a movie).

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Ruth Armitage said...

Thanks for sharing Dayna! I'm turning a bit green, wishing I was there. But your posts have helped me feel a little better, sharing in your creativity!
Have fun & keep posting :)