Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vendor Night at Artfest: Free Will

I wanted to take a pause from posting about my classes at Artfest to share about Friday's Vendor Night. It was a crazy mixture of mayhem, art, and a little bit of elbowing. People lined up in advance of the doors opening at 6:30 and once opened, it was a free for all as people rushed to the tables of various vendors. I didn't have a plan, but managed to come away with some cool finds. In no particular order, here is what I went home with. First up, two bags of random goodies (I haven't even opened them yet!) and a pair of earrings (made of glass enamel, copper, and sterling silver) all from the booth of artist Melissa Manley.

I was quite pleased to find a handmade journal at the booth of Pam Garrison. I had seen similar journals in an article recently (I don't remember where) and wanted one for myself. It is made out of random bits of ephemera and photos:

And then there was the booth of Clarissa Callesen, who describes herself as the Creator of Strange and Wonderful Things. Yes, it is true. From Clarissa I purchased some ceramic charms and an eerily strange necklace, Free Will.

And then I always manage to find bits and baubles from Blackbird Studio. Here is what I found this time around:

Howard had fun at Vendor Night, too. He purchased three beautiful panels from Mary Beth Shaw, the artist I took a class from the following day on Saturday. Here's Howard with Mary Beth and the three panels Howard purchased for his office:


Destree said...

That journal is really cool, so simple, but lots of fun. I think i would like to try that out.

Oh, and Howard always looks like he's having so much fun! What a great guy...

Gerri said...

love the colors of the panels - I can see them in the office.

Love the journal too - can't wait to take a Visual Journaling class.