Monday, April 27, 2009

A Song to Spring, Teach to Learn

What a great way to spend a gray, spring Saturday afternoon: creating Fanciful Dream Houses at Stampin' Cat Studio. Eight women came together with bright and hopeful spirits to do some artful play. They were so eager and motivated, they began creating before I had even finished telling them how to begin!

At the end of the afternoon, the women shared their creations with each other in a casual Show 'n Tell.

The women were generous with their closing comments about the class:

I liked having so many choices to personalize our projects. You were very organized and generous with the materials.

I liked having enough time to complete art and I liked having a lot of instruction.

I liked the open creativity. Dayna, thank you for all the items you provide – so many choices – so fun. Your instruction and support is wonderful, so is your encouragement. I also like the show and tell at the end.

I liked the wide variety of materials. I loved instruction being ‘as needed.” I liked the support of fellow art students. And, I liked finding something inside of myself.

Every frickin’ wonderful thing. And the water.

Dayna you shine! You made something that seemed intimidating and made it simple and so much fun. I’ll be proud to hang this where I can share it with others.

I liked the instructor’s enthusiasm, the variety of materials, and the group show and tell.


Bobbie said...

And there I AM!!!! I had the best time ever ~ I LOVE this class!! Lynda and I will be back in the fall. Thanks for thinking of me for the last spot. Feeling totally uplifted, I even gave Stan my bottle of water!! Thanks again~Bobbie

Juanita Bitonti said...

Those are the cutest darn things! I want to make one with hoo. Where do you get the little metal houses?

shelby said...

Amazing class! Love the results, I have my little one hanging on the wall in my living room.

Shelly said...

Lovely shrines !! Sounds like the class was a huge success. You should teach an on-line class, Dayna. It would draw a lot of folks.
Did you use alcohol inks to color the shrines?

Dayna Collins said...

For anyoneinterested, the shrines were purchased through Art Chix Studios (and they sell stars and hearts and ones with doors in addition to the houses). And yes, Shelly, some of the ladies used alcohol inks to color their metal frames. Acrylic paints work, too.

gl. said...

good lookin' houses!