Friday, April 17, 2009

Wings for Lisa

Two words that make me smile: Lil' Gypsy. I smile because it means Sam Hart is somewhere close and she really makes me smile. I received the e-mail that those of us who are junk hounds wait to hear: I have a pile of crap for you. I was in the neighborhood today and so I stopped by to say hello and to retrieve my goodies. As I drove up, I found Sam outside setting up a sign announcing a 10% off sale in honor of the Salem Film Festival and the new location of Salem Cinema (it has relocated to block south of Lil Gypsy).

The inside of Sam's store is even better than the outside and Sam posed so I could get a shot of her in her nest.

Sam then pushed my goodies toward me (this is part of them).

When I got home, I spread out the goodies Sam had given me, oohing and ahhing as I waded through the vintage dice holder filled to the brim with little bits and bobs.

Then, I got to play with the wonderful items I purchased while I was in her store. My treasures included:

A very cool vintage chalk mirror.

Tap shoes that almost fit me, well, they sorta do if I don't wear thick socks. I can't wait to go clickety clicking around the block. I told Sam I just might wear them when we all go see Grey Gardens at Portland Center Stage this coming June.

A gaudy mirror perfect for some art work a la Michael deMeng (who said hi to me at Artfest as if he remembered me from the class I took from him last year at Art and Soul . . . ummmmm, I wonder if that could be true or if he just says hi to everyone, knowing they have probably taken a class from him somewhere along the line and he has his bases covered that way!).

And lovely Lisa got wings. I shoulda known that Sam would have wings in her back room . . .


Bobbie said...

What a TOTAL SCORE!!! You know it's been a good day get wings and tap shoes! I'm seeing Grey Gardens on June 3rd ...and I hear its on HBO this weekend. I saw Crazy Enough this week....its one of the best performances I have seen in a very long time. If you get a chance to see!

Shelly said...

You find the best stuff, Dayna !! Two posts of glorious treasures. Lucky girl !!!!
Cool self-portrait, too.