Friday, January 1, 2010

*8 Things . . . I Fell in Love With in 2009

I read about a weekly play opportunity from my blog friend Karen and it caught my attention like it did hers, much like magpies are attracted to shiny objects. In fact, the creator of all of this has nicknamed herself Magpie Girl (distracted by sparkly things since 1969). Magpie girl, also known as Rachelle Mee-Chapman, wrote this about her *8 Things challenge:

*8 Things is a little game I made up for myself in an attempt to quieten down my monkey mind. I tend to be a little bit bipolar when it comes to creativity. Either I have a million ideas and passions, or none at all. In the times when ideas are flowing, I rely on lists. *8 Things is a way for me to keep collections of ideas, thought, quotes and quandaries on-hand for later exploration. . . .Want to play along? Grab a button and join me for *8 Things Thursdays. Because..well…why the hell not?

So I've decided to play along. And since just yesterday was Thursday, the end of the year, and why the hell not, I'm joining in right now (I know it's Friday)!

*8 Things: I Fell in Love With in 2009

1. Creating a Vision Board
2. Attending an art retreat with the Portland Art Collective
3. Participating on two task forces for the Oregon State Hospital Mental Health Museum
4. Living without M&M Peanuts
5. Kauai
6. NW String Summit
7. Entering a couple art shows
8. Getting a hybrid car

That was a little harder than I thought it would be. I tried to think of things that were new to me, I also decided not to expound on what I listed, to just keep it simple. That may not always be the case, but for today, it is enough.


Amy said...

Mom -
I'm so excited to see NW String Summit on the list, does this mean you will come back again this year? We loved having you join us and think this year will be even better (more mellow, wink wink)!

Bobbie said...

I love this!!! SO.....I copied and pasted. Happy New Year my favorite art teacher....YOU are one of my "8"!

Karen D said...

So glad you are playing along..I have a terrible cold so I am going to be posting mine tomorrow!