Sunday, January 3, 2010


What do you get when you clear out a whole day to hang out with two good friends in an art studio? A day of art-makin', that's what you get!

Yesterday I had the privilege to hang out with two artful friends, Destree and Shelby. We met up at noon at my studio to create a new journal for 2010. The technique we used was one I learned from Diane Havnen-Smith, a delightful and talented artist in Portland. Since I'll be teaching a journal-making class later in January, I enlisted the help of Shelby and Destree to cut bookbinding fabric and tear paper for that class as well as our own journals (thank you).

As soon as our tasks were out of the way, we settled in for the day . . .

And by early evening, we had ourselves a journal. Here's Shelby's Soul Poetry:

And Destree's Sun and Rain:

Here's me adding some finishing touches to my journal:

My completed journal: Fearless (more on this topic in another post . . .)


A good day's play!


shelby said...

Dayna, anytime spent with you is a great time, but this was just the best day!! I love my finished journal, we all made such beautiful creations and it was so fun to do it with just the three of us, the terrific trio! Just want to thank you for being such an inspiration.

Karen D said...

Love your Fearless Journal!!

Patti said...

These are fantastic! What a productive day you all had. :)