Sunday, February 7, 2010

Duets: Opening

The 100th Monkey Studio Duets Show opened on Friday night. Destree and her family (Champ, Olivia and Deven) piled into our car with Howard doing the driving. After arriving in Portland, we dropped off our piece, Dark Heart, for the 5th Annual Portland Love Show (which opens next Friday), then headed over to Old Wives' Tales where we met up with my daughter Amy and her family (Mike, Jackson, and Emmett). We chose the restaurant not only because it has delicious food, but it is also within walking distance to the 100th Monkey Studio where the Duets opening was being held.

Here I am surrounded by two of my favorite women!

Champ and Olivia (Olivia is opening a journal I made for her to celebrate her 7th birthday, which is TODAY!).

On our way over to the studio, Amy and Destree got into a little mischief . . .

Welcome to the Duets Show!

Here is some of the art done by other artists in the show.


Destree said...

Great blog post...and not because you have pictures of a certain goofy someone on it :0) Fun night...I wonder if the cement people noticed the imprint of 2 very large hands on the sidewalk?

Bobbie said...

The Double D's masterpiece...truly is!!

lynda Howells said...

l laughted so much when l saw your handprints. One reason was, l did the exact same thing the other week...outside a police station! Couldn't help it and l don't quite know why l did it, except l was feeling wicked! I was sensible enough not to leave my real name when l sighed it...."her who should be obey"!Hax
Youwrdual piece looked fantastic. well done to both of youxxlynda

gl. said...

i'm so sorry we missed you; we went to 100th monkey to see your piece around 7:30/8. congratulations to dayna & destree!

Dayna Collins said...

Gretchin, so sorry we missed you and Sven! We must have just missed you by a hair -- thank you so much for swinging by and I'm so happy you got to see our piece of art in person.