Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Walking in This World: Discovering a Sense of Personal Territory and Boundaries

Last night was week five of my ten-week Walking in This World series and we opened our evening by doing some creative dance movement inspired by Deborah Koff-Chapin's Soulcards.

After we were warmed up and our check-ins completed, we moved into our evening's activity: Creating a Pocket Shrine, or what I prefer to call Think Outside the Tin (also a new class I will be offering this spring!). I prepped metal mint tins prior to our meeting so everything would be ready to go - here's the progression of the project:

And in a little over an hour, the ladies created some gorgeous pocket shrines - they definitely were thinking outside the tin!


Robin Olsen said...

What a fun blog you have Dayna! You look like a very busy and happy girl. I love seeing the variety of projects and workshops you are doing.

When I am not sculpting......... said...

Dayna, I am the fellow artist who bought ASPIRE at 100th Monkey. I was wondering how you got such a wonderful finish on your mint tins. I would love the recipe as it really speaks to me and my work. Hope you will share?! Thanks! Jo Grishman