Tuesday, February 2, 2010

*8 Things: On Your Bedside Table

Okay, so I'm only a little bit behind on my Thursday post. For last week, Magpie Girl asked participants to blog out *8 Things: On Your Bedside Table. Here's the problem: I have more than eight things just in my book/magazine pile, and although I think my reading material is fun, it isn't the only thing on my bedside table. So, I'll list what is on my table and then share a bit of what I'm reading.

1. An alarm clock (gotta get up in the morning).
2. A coffee cup from PSU's Haystack program (a defunct arts and writing series that used to be offered at Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast) holding my pens, scissors, and markers.
3. A glow in the dark Madonna that I purchased in Italy.
4. A tube of Aveda's Hand Relief cream.
5. My adjustable arm, adjustable beam bedside lamp.
6. A coaster from one of the McMenamins' brew pubs.
7. Books: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and Lit: A Memoir.
8. Magazines: Artful Blogging, Where Women Create, Art Jouranling, and Entertainment Weekly (guilty pleasure).

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