Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fabulous Find!

I was in Washington last weekend visiting my daughter and two of my grandkids. I needed a couple of things from Michael's, so I popped in looking for some new stencils I had heard about and in my roaming around, I came upon a whole display of Golden art supplies. Well, I don't know about your Michael's, but the ones in Oregon (at least the ones I have visited) no longer carry Golden products. So I was at first struck by the fact that Michael's even had Golden products. Well, well, well, lo and behold, it looks like they aren't going to be carrying Golden for much longer because all of the Golden products were marked down by two thirds. TWO THIRDS! I had just purchased some Hard Molding Paste from an unnamed store in Portland and it cost $23. I found the exact same thing for $7.99! My husband roamed by as I was standing in front of all of the marked down goodness (with my mouth open, I'm sure) and told me I had to stock up and take advantage. And so I did just that. (Some of the paints - both tubes and the 4 fluid ounce bottles were only $1.99 each!) If you live in Washington, you may just want to check out your local Michael's to see if they are liquidating their stock of Golden art materials. Our salesclerk, who happened to be an artist, was flabbergasted as she was ringing up my purchases as even she didn't know everything had been marked down. Her concern was that I might have purchased all of the turquoise paint (I hadn't, I assured her).


La Dolce Vita said...

wow, I will check them out! thanks!

Bobbie said...

Wowzer!!! Total score!!!! Can't wait to see what become of all those colors :)

lynda Howells said...

wow..lucky woman. That make is one of the most expensive in UK but is an amazing brandxx