Thursday, February 4, 2010

5th Annual Portland Love Show: Dark Heart

I recently did a collaborative art piece with my friend Destree for a show that opens on Friday night (as in February 5th) at the 100th Monkey Studio in Portland. The show is titled Duets and the only requirement for the show was that the the piece had to be done by two artists. Here's the piece we created for that show (and a link to the blog post I did):

We had so much fun working on our collaborative piece, that we decided we wanted to do it again. And so we did! Our most recent piece is called Dark Heart and is for the 5th Annual Portland Love Show. Over 300 artists are participating, so it should prove to be an inspiring and rich show. As with the piece we created for the Duets show, I usually splashed my paint during the day, while Destree popped over to the studio in the evening (she lives next door, which is mighty convenient for an artful play companion). Here is the evolution of our most recent piece, Dark Heart.

The Love Show opening will be held Friday, February 12th, 7 pm - 12 am at Olympic Mills on 107 S.E. Washington Street in Portland. It's free and all ages are invited!


Kelly's Video Blog said...

gorgeous ladies!

Bobbie said...

The Love Show will be my weekend treat!