Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fanciful Dream Houses - Round I

Yay for Helga Strauss of ArtChix Studios and her Artful DreamBoxes. With Helga's blessing, I taught the first round of a new class I'm offering, Fanciful Dream Houses. It all started back in October at the Art and Soul Retreat when I took a class from Helga, ArtFull DreamBoxes. I loved the class so much, that I contacted Helga and asked if it was okay if I taught a similar class. Of course, she said! So, thank you Helga.

Last Saturday I had the privilege to teach my Fanciful Dream Houses at collage on Alberta in Portland. Here's the fun little store, packed with art goodness (and the DIY Lounge , which is located in the back of the store).

Here we are, getting ready to create . . .

. . . . using my wonderful assortment of doodads and bits.

And here are the beautiful "mostly" completed Dream Houses. First up, Howard's, yes, my Howard. He made a Dream House for our daughter, Amy.





This one is Peshe's (yes, the Peshe who so generously posts comments on my blog). Peshe didn't quite get her Dream House completed and she plans to add more charms and embellishments to the exterior of her house.

Here is Maggie's Dream House. Maggie had started in one direction and then midway through the class, decided she didn't want a house that was quite so "dark," so she started over. Maggie's house isn't complete, but here is how far she got before the final bell rang.

And finally, here is the Dream House I made for my son Scott's girlfriend, Becca (that good-looking guy on the right is Scott).

Here are a few of the comments left by the class participants:

Great class, fun, accessible.

Thank you. I loved the class. Thanks for "letting us go." I had so much fun in the creation and you brought such wonderful stuff.

Wonderful class, big selection of doodads!


gl. said...

beautiful houses! i think i'm beginning to see howard join in more classes and create more art, which must be neat to witness!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, wow, looks your class was a big success! Loved seeing all the ones your students made and LOVE yours! Thanks so much for the big shout out to me and ARTchix too. That was so sweet of you! : )

Best wishes,
Helga (of ARTchix Studio)