Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bag o' Crap

I love sharing my treasures – no matter how I stumble upon them! This time around, it was another gift from my friend Sam, who owns Lil’ Gypsy in Salem (that's her storefront above). She also has a shop on e-bay where she sells wonderful and unique items. Every once in a while she calls and says she has a bag o’crap for me. Last Sunday was the day I received my bag o’crap.

As a side note, we went to breakfast with Sam and her family at a new place in Salem, Word of Mouth. Fabulous hashes (I had the vegetarian and it was delicious). After dining, we all went bowling (my scores were: 163, 155, and 167! Yowsa!). It was a great day.

Then at the end of it all, I got to go home and look through my goodies. Here’s more shots of what I received:

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Anonymous said...

Love it is that Salem Mass? I could use thaT WOMENS WORKSHOP..i AM IN MY 50'S TOO NOT THE WAY i THOUGHT IT WOULD GO?
So delightful and whimsy!
I am participating in One Heart One World Giveaway and would love for you to visit!