Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Studio Behind the Studio

I have shared views of my studio in the past, and I share my own images because I love looking at photos of where other people create. Here are a few shots of my upstairs studio space:

What prompted this post was a visit to my basement. I realized that although I have a lovely studio space, I also have a very nice storage area in the basement. This is where I house all of my treasures that aren’t being used more immediately: old books, typewriters, boxes and bins, tins and jars, supplies for classes I teach. Enough talking. Here are some glimpses of my creative space behind my creative space:


theresa martin said...

Thanks for allowing me to 'visit' your space! It looks sooo interesting. Lot's of lovely things ready to be used in your wonderful art.

Gerri said...

that is SO funny Dayna - I thought when I was in the class the other day "wonder where all the GOODIES are" LOL!

You have a wonderful space.

gl. said...

*waves to the kittycat hiding under the tablecloth*

oooo! i love this so much. and to think, none of this existed 5 years ago! what would you have done with all this space back then? :)

also, that's a LOT of dictionaries. ;)

Deirdra Doan said...

SO beautiful and creative...I love how you decorate your home and studio!

Anji Gallanos said...

What a great space. You've got lots of color in there. I think it fun to peek at other peoples creating spaces. I am going to post mine this week.

fun fun fun

Shelly said...

You must have so much fun in your studio.
I covet that typewriter !!