Monday, January 26, 2009

Rest in Peace: Canvas Project Ends

I decided to conclude my Canvas Project for the time being. Some of you may recall I started this project on June 2, 2008, the idea being to add some sort of art every day to a large canvas. If you want to learn more about the idea behind this, click here.

The project was a success and I made marks, glued images, splashed paint, and attached embellishments for six months.

The decision to put the canvas away is two-fold. First, I accomplished what I had intended and that was to get into my studio daily and play (well, it wasn’t always daily . . .). The second reason is that I need the space in my studio for my daughter and grandson to sleep. My daughter, Amy, is in the final six months of obtaining her teaching certificate through Willamette University and beginning next week, she will be commuting from Portland to Salem to do her student teaching in health at North Salem High School. On Monday nights she has a class through the master’s program, so rather than driving every single day from Portland to Salem, she will be arriving on Sunday night and staying with us until Tuesday afternoon. In addition, I’ve agreed to hang out with my two-year old grandson Emmett on Mondays and Tuesdays. Here's the little guy the last time we hung out (Emmett is the one on the right, that's Howard on the left). We've even bought a grandparent membership at the A.C. Gilbert Discovery Village and that's where this photo was taken.

All this wordy-ness is to say that in my studio is where we have a futon, which I plan to make up and leave out so that I’m not constantly shifting art supplies, especially the easel (yes, my new easel) and my big Canvas Project. So, yesterday I collapsed my easel and carried it to the basement. As I was carrying my canvas down, I had the brilliant idea to at least hang the canvas on the wall leading to the basement. I am down there several times a day, so I’ll be able to admire my vibrant canvas regularly. My Canvas Project is gone, but not forgotten . . .


gl. said...

i am so glad you brought it to a graceful conclusion rather than letting it linger and feeling guilty about it. kudos! how did vicki's project go?

Dayna Collins said...

Not too long after we started our Canvas Project, Vicki broke her ankle (badly!) and was unable to continue. Once she recovered, she had sort of lost steam to go on with the project, We just recently decided on another project to do together, so stay tuned for that!