Monday, January 26, 2009

Fanciful Dream Houses - Round II

A couple of weeks ago I offered the first round of a new class, Fanciful Dream Houses, in Portland. The story behind this class and photos of the first class can be found by clicking here. Well, I offered the class again, this time in Salem at the always fabulous Stampin' Cat Studio. The class went splendidly and once again I came away inspired and uplifted by spending the afternoon with eight delightful and creative women.

Their creations were beautiful and thought-provoking and I am pleased to share them here.

And then, everyone was so gracious with their kind comments:

I liked the tremendous encouragement, knowledge of materials, ability to help “students’ at all different levels and genuine creativity.

I loved all of the multitudinous parts – great selection! Receiving only positive feedback and encouragement was nice.

Lots of good ideas and great “doodads” to share. There was plenty of time to finish (I hate to be rushed!).

I loved the general idea of the project and enjoyed the variety of materials which were available. I also liked that each person was able to make their own design.

Excellent class – inspirational – too fun for words. Many opportunities to experience many products.

And finally, this special comment:

I can’t tell you how much the whole class uplifted my soul through the afternoon! It gave me rest and inspiration – thank you so much for giving us this great experience to work and create. I was able to go back home in a better/stronger frame of mind – life felt good again and this came during the creation and how I changed the course of my house. Several things that amazed me at the class were, as always, the BRILLIANCE of everyone in making their dream house! And wow, what fantastic creative women!

I've been asked by both the DIY Lounge in Portland and Stampin' Cat Studio in Salem to offer the class again - soon!


Deirdra Doan said...

Dayna, I am so sorry I was so out of it when I saw you...I was happy to see you and your sweet heart. Would have loved to talk to you about Italy and all. But I could barley think straight...blood sugar and tried I think. So I was frustrated with myself about it..

I really love your blog...all the great happy art and sweet things you say to me on comments.

I have been telling people about your blog and journal class.

Have you checked out the cool giveaways 700 of them...still time to sign up yourself and then go to others...Feb 1 or so they aren't taking new people. I made wonderful friends last year!!


PS if you do go on the OWOH giveawsy it might be nice to take your word verification slows people down from commenting...I took mine off and have no problems with spammers.

gl. said...

beautiful, of course! i am especially intrigued by the one with the door. it makes me so happy to see people respond well and know that places like diy lounge & stampin' cat recognize the value of your classes.

did you tell us what the base house forms are made from? if so, i've forgotten. could you remind us?

Dayna Collins said...

Gretchin, as always, good question. The houses are made of metal (they are made in Mexico) specifically for ArtCHIX Studio.