Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Round Robin Begins

One of my goals for 2009 is to be more creative, to explore and experience art in new ways. With that in mind, I initiated an Altered Board Book Round Robin. I’ve never participated in any type of round robin, so I decided to jump in and be the host. I sent an invitation to about 24 local people, inviting them to join; six of us said yes.

The rules are simple. Buy a children’s board book, sand the pages, prime the pages with gesso, then art up the outside front and back covers, using the theme of your choice. If you have extra pages, you could also do an inside spread, perhaps as a place to leave notes. We are on a two-week rotation cycle, meaning, every two weeks we send our book on to the next person, that person then has two weeks to do a two-page spread before sending it along once again. This week was our first rotation.

WARNING! If you are one of the six ladies involved in this Round Robin and don’t want to see my book in advance of the rotation, do not read this blog beyond this point as there are photos of my book!

Here is the process I went through. First, selecting a book.

Preparing the pages (a little messy, so I did the sanding outside).

Choosing a theme. One of the meditation books I’m reading for this year is Madeleine L’Engle’s Glimpses of Grace; the title of my January 15th reading was “Called to Co-Create.” Since creating is my theme for the year, I decided to title my board book, Called to Create. Let the creating begin!

And here is my altered board book, the cover . . .

The front and back covers . . .

And the last two pages, where I've left a tag for each lady to leave me a note!

Stay tuned for more on this Round Robin!


Gerri said...

OK I peeked LOL! I feel a little "kindergarten-ish" with doing art but as you know I just jumped right in too LOL. I'm glad I did - Destree has a beautiful book and now I feel a little more comfortable and can't wait to dig in to do pages in everyone's book!

It turned out I had a sinus infection and infected tooth. I hated not to stay especially when I see that you all did finger painting - WAH LOL.

gl. said...

oh, i like it, dayna! i can participate vicariously, i guess. :)