Friday, January 23, 2009

Yikes Almighty! A Treasure Trove of Goodness!

I'm still trembling a bit as I type this. I grabbed Laura this morning, actually I kidnapped her because I went downstairs (she works for Howard) and told her to finish her smoothie because I was taking her somewhere. And bless Laura's heart, she put on her coat and got in the car, not once asking where I was taking her! We chatted while I drove us to Scrapbook Fever, a local scrapbooking store. Once every three months they hold what is called their Scrap Yard. Basically it is a garage sale of art supplies. Customers mark their unused art and scrapbooking items and sell them at the store. Did I mention things are cheap? It is a frenzied affair! We arrived just before 10:00 and were behind about 20 people waiting to get in the store. As the doors were unlocked, a mass of humanity rushed into the store and headed for the sale area. It was an elbow-jabbing experience as everyone squeezed their way to the table. I hardly looked at what I was throwing into my basket, but it was cheap enough that it didn't really matter. And lots of my purchases were goodie bags filled with an assortment of things, so I didn't have a clue what I had purchased until I got home and dumped my bags on the floor. And thus the trembling. Here is what I got for $765 . . . oops, that is what the clerk rang up (a mistake!). The actual total for all of this goodness was $165 - and I have at least $500 of stuff. I have several classes coming up, so you can bet my students will be benefitting from my jackpot of goodies!


Gerri said...

Not sure if I could have withstood the pushing LOL but boy did you get a great booty of stuff! Since I am one of those people in one of your classes I am doing the happy dance LOL.

...and of course I signed up for their newsletter.

Juanita Bitonti said...

Wow, I AM jealous! We don't have anything like that here to purchase from. I was online this morning trying to locate an indoor flea market in driving distance. It's so cold and snowy here right now. I DID however take my "Artist Date" this week. I went to the local Salvation Army and came home with 3 medium-sized boxes of "junk" for $100. I thought I did well! LOL. I wanted more. LOL. Juanita

Shelly said...

Good heavens, what a haul !!!! Your students are gonna LUV you.
Have a great time with your classes.

gl. said...

it sounds right up your "alley," dayna! ;)