Thursday, January 1, 2009

Artist's Way Reunion . . . and Art Project

The crazy Christmas weather we had during December interrupted a planned Artist’s Way Reunion, which was scheduled for the week before Christmas. So, alas, we rescheduled it for Tuesday of this week. We had a most wonderful evening, but, unfortunately, many of the ladies who had planned to attend the original gathering, were now out of town.

But that didn’t stop the five of us who did show up. Laura was the hostess with the mostest, opening her home (her Christmas tree and decorations were still up!) to us and planning a little art project (we were all eager to do something with our hands besides eat!).

Karen, who caters delicious treats for several coffee shops around town, arrived all cute with her boots and hat AND with a wire tree of chocolate-dipped macaroons.

We had all resolved to stay away from sugar, but after someone politely tasted one of Karen’s cookies and declared them "to die for," we all ferociously dove in. And then we all had a second one. And I’m not naming names, but I do believe someone had a third . . . .

After licking our fingers for the final time, Laura brought out the supplies for our project: glass slide magnets. I have seen all sorts of items made with glass slides, but had never done something with them myself, so I was very excited. I had brought papers and images to add to the pile of supplies and after a brief demonstration by Laura (“you cut the paper to the size of the slide, put the slides together, then wrap them with soldering tape”), we were on our way.

Our finished treasures:

Preparing to leave, Laura’s hubby got a group shot.

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gl. said...

yay! i'm glad you got together. way to support & inspire each other!