Monday, December 29, 2008

'Tats all around

What can I say? I like tattoos and my daughters like tattoos, too. While I was in Tacoma right before Christmas, my daughter Melissa and myself decided we would get a tattoo together. We had both been thinking about it for a while and it seemed the right thing to do. So off we went to All Star Tattoo, where we spent a snowy afternoon with our tattoo artist, Jason. (Jason kept his eye on the falling snow, wanting to make it home before too much of the white fluffy stuff piled up.)

I already had two tattoos, each marking a milestone birthday. The first, a flower on my lower right ankle, I got with my sister in tow (or was she pushing me?) when I turned 45. Five years later, to commemorate my 50th, I got an armband (as my then college-age son remarked, “You’re a bad ass, Mom.”). Howard went along with me for that one and chatted it up with the artist, Mark, as he was a tenant in one of Howard’s rentals.

This time, Melissa accompanied me. I went first because I told her if I didn’t I was sure to chicken out.

I had considered having a flaming heart emblazoned on my wrist, but instead decided I wanted stars. I love stars – and Melissa found the perfect little five-pointed design: not perfectly drawn and splashed with outside-the-lines color. Jason set to work on me, Melissa recording some of my horrifying faces (I’ll share just a couple with you – edited because it is my blog and I get to do that and besides, if you saw some of the other photos, you might be tempted to call the authorities).

Here are my fresh ‘toos.

Next up, Melissa. This was also Melissa’s third tattoo. Her first was a Celtic design on her wrist, and her second, a beautiful tree branch on her foot. This time around, she decided that with all of her yoga (click HERE to see her website, Stay Bent Yoga, and some of her amazing poses), she wanted a lotus blossom and an OM symbol. Man, did Jason take Melissa’s plain little drawing and transform it into something beautiful. Here is Melissa, calm as a cucumber getting inked:

After we got our tattoos, we called Amy, my other daughter to tell her of our deeds. She could hardly breathe she was, as she called it, “so jealous.” In fact, she said she was feeling “aggressively jealous.” The reason is, she has wanted to get a tattoo on her forearm for about a year. She already had a Chinese symbol on her ankle and four vibrant stars on her lower back, but she has been waiting to get something on her forearm. Our boldness set her boldness in motion and with the blessing of her husband, she got her tattoo in Portland and was able to have Melissa accompany her.

Amy's experience:

Howard now calls us his three tatted ladies.


Bridget B. said...

That is a really sweet story! The family that tattoos together stays together!

Gerri said...

oh what fun Dayna! I was going to get one to mark my 50th but chickened out LOL.

Love your tat and both of your daughters have pretty cool ones too. Not sure if that would prompt me though LOL.

Juanita Bitonti said...

Hi Dayna,

I loved your tattoo stories. I have 2 large tattoos (I designed) that commemorated two important times in my life. One on my shoulder - American Indian symbolism including my sons' names- and one on my lower back - a large chinese dragon - my lucky dragon. Both in full color. My sister and I did our tattoo sessions together. I attended both my sons' first tattoo sessions. I have now lost count on their tattoos. One son was a tattoo artist for awhile, so they have quite the number. Anyhow. Even though I thought I was "done"; you may just have inspired me to get one more. I had considered something with a yoga-inspired theme. What the hey - I already have indian symbolism, chinese symbolism - might as well add yoga/yogini symbolism, right? LOL. Talk to ya soon.

gl. said...

wow! brave & beautiful!

peshe said...

happy new year!! love the tats. sorta thought 'bout gettin another one myself. but stopped quickly cause it took me ten years to think of the 1 (one) i got for my 50th. Ganesha. well, maybe, now that i write this, i will get another one in 2009, for the 60th. but, dear dayna blog followers, what will it be???

so, Dayna & Howard, i take it the floating portland home faired well during the (only thing to report on for days and days and days) storm.


Kristie said...

Great Blog and Great post- I love your tats! :)

theresa martin said...

Great story - I enjoyed the photos. Especially the faces! cute!