Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just Add Color

On December 6th, I took a class at SCRAP. The title of the class was Fantasy Box Workshop. Since there were only three of us registered, I recruited Howard to join us (and he said YES!). We picked up our friend, Peshe, grabbed a latte from Blue Gardenia on N. Mississippi (yum, yum), then settled in for an afternoon of play under the tutelage of Laura Fitzgibbon. Laura is a first year student at Marylhurst in their Art Therapy program and is an artist herself. The goal of the class? To make a shrine of some sort using a cigar box that Laura provided and by trolling the aisles at SCRAP. Are you kidding? Shopping at SCRAP is one of my very favorite things to do and then to be handed a hot glue gun all in the same day!?!

Here we are hard at play:

Here is cute Sarah, the store manager of SCRAP, with Laura:

And here is what the sky looked like when we emerged from SCRAP a few hours later (thanks, Peshe, for telling me to look UP!):

I didn’t get my fantasy box finished that afternoon, but I played around with it the past two weeks adding a few more bits (all things that I found at SCRAP). Here is my completed piece (is a piece ever really completed?).

Rather than to continue to fuss with it, I found it a home high above one of my work spaces where I can be reminded to: Just add color.


Destree said...

Love the place you put it! I want to see Howard's box...was he being shy?

peshe said...

a good place. up high. a reminder. a blessing.

take a walk over to Judy Wise's 12/17 blog. and sing a song....


gl. said...

i like this, dayna! especially the number tiles (ma-jong?) and the little bottles. i'm glad you got to go to that class! that was a heck of a sunset, too.